In her high-octane performance Adi Braun, along with her excellent trio, pays musical homage to the fearless women of the Weimar era.  Her program MODERNE FRAU reveals why she – a Canadian with German roots – admires such female singers as Blandine Ebinger, Kate Kühl, Margo Lion and Trude Hesterberg. Braun re-imagines the music of these greats with fresh and bold jazz stylings…and thanks to her training as a classical singer every note and gesture resonates perfectly within these songs.  With crystal-clear diction she recalls the declamatory style of these much admired “diseuses”.  This is particularly evident in songs like Kurt Weill’s “SURABAYA JOHNNY”, “NANNAS LIED” and “UND WAS BEKAM DES SOLDATEN WEIB?”. 

Adi Braun sings with a wide vocal range that moves freely between jazz, scat, opera and chanson.  She was brilliantly supported by the phenomenal TOM KING at the piano, the sensitive undulations of ROBIN DRAGANIC on bass and Tilman Person on drums.


Kerstin Schweiger

IOCO Kultur im Netz

Berlin, March 12, 2019